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Our Fitness Kickboxing classes are a FUN, effective way to burn fat, lose inches, tone up, & FINALLY see results!
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  • 2 FREE Kickboxing Classes: These classes are incredible! Our Members Rave About The Energy And Their Amazingly Fast Results! Featuring high energy music, quick bag rounds, fun team drills & incredible training partners! 
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  • A Tour of the URSA FKB Facility & Benefits Consultation with One of our Coaches
  • THREE Group Fitness Kickboxing Classes with One of Certified Instructors!
  • High Quality Boxing Gloves for You to Keep! 
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Develop Confidence & Increase Self Esteem!

Increased self confidence is one of the biggest improvements we notice in our clients! We've seen both women & men who used to walk through the door looking to avoid notice now stand taller with the shoulders back, walking confidently among their friends & training partners, ready to start their classes. It comes from a combination of getting in great shape, feeling strong, being surrounded by incredibly supportive training partners.

Get in Incredible Shape & Lose Weight!

If you have weight to lose and you haven't found success in the standard gym setting, Fitness Kickboxing at URSA FKB is for you! No more falling through the cracks like at a big box gym, or paying a fortune for a personal trainer. At URSA FKB, our coaches pride themselves on finding the perfect middle ground. Our class roster system, 7 day a week / ~30 class schedule, & one on one relationships help hold you accountable, while building in flexibility to accommodate your everyday life. This perfect blend that we've developed over our years of coaching will help you achieve your long term fitness goals through consistent training on a sustainable custom schedule.

Relieve Stress!

No matter how much you love your job, school, & family, everyone can benefit from some time to do something just for YOU! Too often, people indulge in unhealthy habits as an effort to reduce stress or "decompress" after a long day. BUT, there is NOTHING that can relieve stress like a great day hitting & kicking the bags, training with great people, & challenging your mind & body in an amazing class. Try out ONE CLASS. Come in & "sweat out your day" and I KNOW you'll be more relaxed after class than you started.

Meet Amazing People & Join our "TEAM!"

Welcome to your new gym family! URSA FKB is home to many welcoming women & men of every age, size, & experience level ready and excited to train with you! We wholeheartedly believe in the power of group fitness gains & unlike other traditional gyms, at URSA, you never train alone! All of our conditioning exercises, bag rounds, and drills are repped with your instructor, a partner, or in a group! In every class you will meet like-minded people and bond over your shared experiences kicking & hitting the bags. We have a incredibly unique culture of teamwork at URSA FKB where every person you meet, from the coaches to your training partners, has a vested interest in helping YOU get better & reach your goals. It's often said and in other activities, but like most cliches it's only rarely true, however at URSA FKB "Together Everyone (really does) Achieve More."

Have Fun & Enjoy an Incredible Hobby!

As an adult, trying to balance working or school, home life, and everything else pulling you in a million directions, how often do you do things JUST FOR YOU & JUST FOR FUN?! Its so important for your overall physical and mental health to schedule time to challenge yourself with something new. AND, if you can get an incredible workout at the same time that boosts your energy, motivates you to eat right, hydrate properly, and be more active in your every day life, that's the icing on the cake! PLUS, you'll be surrounded with people who are on the same journey as you, looking to have fun, learn a great skill, & get healthy for life!

Check Out These Incredible Results! 
-Some in as little as 45 days!
Check Out These Reviews From Our URSA FKB Clients!
"My favorite thing about training at URSA FKB is the encouraging, positive environment. There is positive accountability from the instructors and my fellow classmates. No matter how hard or exhausting the class might be, I always feel better about myself after class than I did coming in, sweat and all!"
Alyce Basak
"Prior to children I always exercised and was thin & fit and had been doing Crossfit for several years. Exercise was a big part of my life. As any parent knows, your way of life drastically changes after you have kids. Most notably for me, I failed to take care of myself and focused all my efforts on my kids. I have felt trapped in a body that I don't recognize. I didn’t make time to exercise and help relieve frustrations, relax, and have ‘me’ time. When I exercise regularly I am able to do these things and therefore be more patient, fun, and a better mom. The hardest part of the journey is the start and now that I see and feel the difference I definitely do not want to go back!"
D’Ann Kirkland
"As an undergraduate, I didn't worry too much about my weight or health. It's been three years since I graduated and over the last three years I have ever so slowly been putting on weight. Just a couple pounds every few months, such that I didn't really pay it much mind. But around last Christmas I realized that I had put on a grand total of 20 pounds since graduation and that somewhere along the way I'd lost some self-confidence. It wasn't just that I didn't look the same. I also didn't have a positive outlet for my stress, which I desperately needed.

I have attended kickboxing classes 2-3 times a week with my best friend Kyra. Kickboxing has created a positive outlet for my stress, gotten me back to the best shape I've been in since college and has also enabled me to stay in touch with a good friend, something that can be increasingly hard to do with our busy schedules."
Lauren Moore
"Ever since I joined URSA I've trained my body to do things its never been able to do before. I've felt muscles I didn't know existed, I've pushed, I've sweat, I've fought myself in my head to keep going! I wasn't the one the lost the most, but I'm damn proud of myself! I'm definitely still a work in progress, but I'm on the right track, and I'm feeling reeeeeeal good!"
Rafaela De Carvalho
"Finishing my four years of college athletics left me without that positive influence. I continued living the way I was used to. Meaning, I continued eating the way I was used
to, like a fat kid at a buffet. I also lost a lot of my drive for both school and any physical
activity. I needed something to do before I fell off the edge with school and my health.

Then came kickboxing. Cardio has never been my strong suit. Kickboxing tricks me into doing cardio, which is fantastic. kickboxing has been an amazing outlet for me and has taught me a lot about more than just physical ability, but mental strength to push past things like hard sets and being ridiculously sore in places you didn’t know existed."
Elena Ghormley
"My family has a history of congestive heart failure, diabetes as well as high blood pressure. Truth is I am not getting any younger, so I decided to try URSA’s kickboxing classes. I was immediately in love with the workout as well as the friendliness and family feel that they have at the center. Everyone is very welcoming and helps you stay motivated, so of course I became a member.

I always start work out routines and healthy eating but it never sticks. This has truly transformed me and my life, my physical appearance as I have lost some weight, as well as my mental process with more positive thoughts. I am all about helping people achieve their goals and do better. My healthy lifestyle is changing my family’s life too. even though I am working a 40 hour a week job and have a family, there is still time for me and that time is my fitness time. It has helped me be a more energetic teacher as I teach preschool I am now able to run with the children and stay focused all day with them. It has made me a better teacher."
Charlene Cone
"Even though I am a senior citizen I was not ready to l only hang with the seniors in water aerobics group. To my surprise with modifications I hung tough in kickboxing , and my knees are better. I can go up and down stairs now without pain. My hope has been restored. 

Since I have moved from hopeless to hopeful I am actually eating better , cleaner, drinking water and starting to track my food. I once again believe in myself and my ability to improve my health and physical status with hard work and consistency.
I plan to get better with AGE !!!!!"
Bonita Neighbors
"I WAS an athlete", that has now changed. I am back to being an athlete! So, thank you for new eating habits, more energy, smaller size, great workouts, strength, new friends and of course the most important thing making me, ME, again!!!"
Mandy Wentworth
"I was encouraged to lose weight, participate in an exercise program that I could maintain and find better ways to manage stress.
Since starting kickboxing with my daughter and with her encouragement, I have been working out about 3 times/week kickboxing and have lost approximately ½ pound per week, having been sleeping through the night consistently and have more energy when I’m at home—which were my personal goals. Since the challenge started though, I have dropped 2 pant sizes, continued to lose about 1/2 pound/week and the best part of is I’M OFF ALL OF MY BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATIONS!!!!"
Tammy Ghormley
"While I lost some weight and some inches off my waistline (yeh!), most of my transformation has been in that 8-pound mass of grey matter between my ears. I have had several major “aha” moments that I think are finally going to move me from a diet mindset to a healthy, active mindset."
Cindy Priddy
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